La Boqueria Market

About La Boqueria

  • Boqueria Market

     It was many centuries that shaped the market to what it is today. The abundance of relocations and renovations, constant expansion transformed the collection of a few meat-seller stalls into Europe's greatest food market.

  • The History of La Boqueria

    The first mention of la Boqueria dates back to 1217. Tables installed near the old city gate were mostly selling meat - according to some sources the name, la Boqueria came from the word "boc" which means goat, the most popular meat sold here at the time.

  • Barcelona Markets

    Much like la Boqueria, Fira Artesana is also close to la Rambla, barely 100 meters form the Liceu subway station. However the market is only held on every first Friday of each month.