• The Chef Guided Food Tour will give you an insider's look on the Catalonian cuisine and products. You will find that browsing the stalls of la Boqueria market with the guidance of a professional will help you gain important knowledge and deeper understanding of many things concerning food and food preparation.

    Taking the Chef Guided Food tour you will be led by a local chef who can answer questions about many interesting topics regarding the wares of la Boqueria market and can give advice about how to find the best of the best. Getting useful practical knowledge about Catalan cuisine will be something that you can take home with you.

    Hearing anecdotes that lie behind certain meals, the history of how different cultures influenced the locals cuisine or what happened when the discovery of the "New World" made a new range of vegetables available are all part of the Chef Guided Food experience. If you don't want to see the stalls as a tourist attraction but rather through the eye of an insider who frequents la Boqueria market to ensure the best ingredients for his restaurant then here is your chance.

    • Find out the history of tapas, Catalan cream and other staple foods of local and Spanish cuisine
    • Hear about the complicated methods craftsmen use to make their jamon the best
    • Stop at seafood stalls and learn how to find the freshest fish and mussels
    • Get insight to Catalan cuisine - their methods of preparation and spicing
    • Sample goods and find out what professional chefs are after in ingredients

    More details about the tour:

    • The experience is led by a professional and experienced Catalan chef
    • On request meals at a local restaurant can be arranged in advance
    • Each experience is about 2-3 hours long

    To get further details or to book your experience please contact us.