• Cooking Workshop at the la Boqueria market is a unique experience for those who want to get deeper into the Catalan cuisine than tasting. Led by professional chefs who know the ins and outs of la Boqueria market and Catalan dishes you will get advices, tips and tuition that will come in handy long after you left Barcelona.

    You want to surprise your guests with some tapas or spice up your menu with some traditional Catalan dishes such as Ollada? Attending the Cooking workshop will let you take home a little bit of the local culture with you - even if you cannot take the la Boqueria market.

    Setting the Stage: Tasting tour on la Boqueria market led by a professional chef

    The foundation of making good food is the ability of picking the best ingredients. This part of the Cooking Workshop will focus on the professional approach to the market and will include explanations about what and when to buy and how to check quality. It will also familiarize you with the spices and special ingredients that will be used in the second part of the Cooking Workshop.

    • Tasting - and getting a brief introduction to - local cheeses
    • Tasting and getting known to the different bakeries - which one to use for which occasion
    • Tasting seafood and learning how to pick the best and freshest
    • Tasting spices and finding out how to develop the real "Catalan taste"

    You will find that gathering ingredients for the workshop after is much more fun when you can get important advices and tips about them. Listening to the chef you will find out when is the best to buy what be that seafood, meat or vegetables.

    The Catalan taste

    Cooking Workshop with Catalan chefs
    After all the best ingredients are gathered the preparation will start. The group divided to smaller units will take charge of one course each. With the supervision and help of your chef you will prepare the meals based on detailed instructions and demonstration.

    After the work is done you can enjoy the fruit of your labour accompanied with quality Catalan wine and stories about the market, food and Catalonia.

    More details about the Cooking Workshop:

    • The workshop is led by professional Catalan chefs
    • The workshop is held for groups of 15-25 people
    • Bigger groups can be split into smaller groups each with their own professional chefs
    • The duration of the workshop is about 5 hours
    • The Cooking Workshop can be booked without the La Boqueria market tour as well
    • The number of courses and the menu can be customized

    To get further details or to book a tour please contact us.