Food Tours

  • Boqueria Bite Card: Self-Guided Tapas Tour

    The Self-Guided Tour is a true culinary adventure for the free-spirited foodie! With the purchase of our Boqueria Bite Card, you will be entitled to 6 of the most delicious tapas the market has to offer. This tour is ideal for Foodies and ALL food lovers who want to experience, taste and explore this vibrant market place.

  • Seafood & Wine Tasting Tour

    The Seafood Tour is a true culinary adventure! Visit The Boqueria Market and enjoy a wonderful selection of seafood brought to the market every day! The tour will also take you to a magnificent Wine Cellar, which dates back to the XVII century, located right in the Boqueria market. A unique family-owned space in Barcelona.

  • Cooking Show for Corporate & Other Special Activities

    The Cooking Show is an exclusive activitiy for Corporate Groups and other groups celebrating a special ocassion! It is held in a private area right off the Boqueria Market. You will be guaranteed an unforgetable time. We have a Master Chef and a waiter who will do their utmost to provide you with the best food and service possible.

  • Chef Guided Food Tour

    The Chef Guided Food Tour will give you an insider's look on the Catalonian cuisine and products. You will find that browsing the stalls of la Boqueria market with the guidance of a professional will help you gain important knowledge and deeper understanding of many things concerning food and food preparation.

  • Cooking Workshops

    The Cooking Workshops is a unique experience for those who want to get deeper into the Catalan cuisine than tasting. Led by professional chefs who know the ins and outs of the market and Catalan dishes you will get advices, tips and tuition that will come in handy long after you left Barcelona.