• From la Boqueria to la Rambla - 1 minute walk


    • You exit la Boqueria and you are on la Rambla

    The most famous walking street of Barcelona will be hard to miss when you go to La Boqueria. Even if you want to focus on the market, it is worthy of attention though . Walking down the street, you will notice countless human statues, souvenir shops, and the famous florists of La Rambla, which is in a way considered to be part of La Boqueria.

    Besides the sellers it will also give you an excellent opportunity to encounter lots of historical buildings such as the famous Liceu, Barcelona's opera house or Font de Canaletes, a 16th century fountain that is the most popular meeting place of the city today.

    You will have the chance to buy souvenirs and eat in one of the many restaurants on the street that offer traditional Catalan meals and Spanish food alike. Recently the street even has some cultural activities in the summertime trying to restore its position as the city's cultural centre.

    Details about visiting the site:

    • Admission is free and it is open all day (well, it is a street after all)
    • Cultural events, street artists and souvenirs
    • Wide range of Catalan, Spanish and international meals

    Why worth visiting:

    • One of the most popular streets amongst  tourists and locals alike
    • Colourful and active life all day
    • Magicians, human statues, marionettes selected by Department of Commerce and Tourism of Barcelona

    Since the street is just outside la Boqueria it would be a mistake not to take your time and have a walk to admire its beauty. The historical sites, street artists and masterfully assembled flower stalls will make it worth your while.