• From la Boqueria to Placa de Catalunya - 8 minutes walk


    • When exiting la Boqueria turn left and walk 600 m
    • Placa de Catalunya will be on your left

    Considered both the centre of the city and the meeting of the old city and Eixample this 50,000 m2 square rich with statues, fountains and pigeons is the heart of Barcelona. The most famous streets all meet here.

    In 1858, the government gave permission to demolish the city walls, which made it possible to expand the old city. The new district became known as Eixample, and the square that we see today was created in 1927. The square in the end did not become  a part of neither the old or  the new city; it simply became the meeting point of the two.

    You can find here the Monument of Francesc Macia raised to the former president of the Catalan Governemt and La Deessa just to mention the two most famous ones. The large white building called El Corte Inglés and besides housing a shopping mall it has a cafeteria on the 9th floor which gives you a beautiful view on the square.

    Details about visiting the site:

    • No admission or opening hours
    Why worth visiting:
    • Numerous famous statues and beautiful fountains
    • Great view and surrounding
    • Meeting point of the city's most important streets

    Whether you want to admire the fountains or just sit around and feed the pigeons, the square will give you a monumental and beautiful view and a look at Barcelona's bustling life.