Boqueria Bite Card

  • 1. General

    1.1 The website, www.CityBitesBarcelona.com (heretofore and hereafter - "the Website") is a commercial website activated by City Bites, S.L. The aim of the website is to promote tourism in the Boqueria Market for groups and individuals, and to propel the market's public image among Spanish and international tourists.

    1.2 "The City Bites Barcelona Boqueria Bites Card" is a unique and exclusive product, produced and marketed by the Website and the companies that activate it, and is designated to allow individuals who visit the Boqueria Market the opportunity to experience the culinary variety of the market via designated coupons to different shops selling and supplying drinks and various food products.

    1.3 The terms of use are an inseparable part of purchasing the card, and will apply in any which way you use the card, and on every action that will take place by you through the card, in dealing with the shops and the traders at the Boqueria Market in Barcelona . These terms substantiate a legal foundation for every matter regarding your use of the card, should there be one, between the purchaser, the Website, and the companies that activate the Website. You are asked to read, and confirm your approval of the terms of use, as a condition to your purchasing of the card.

    1.4 If you are in disagreement to one or more of the terms of use regarding The City Bites Barcelona Boqueria Bites Card, you are hereby asked not to purchase it, and to continue surfing the Website as you please.

    1.5 That written heretofore and hereunder applies to every male and female surfing the Website, and the use of language employing the male gender is for convenience only.  

    1.6 Chapter titles are brought forth for your convenience and orientation, and will not apply on the interpretation of the terms of use.

    2. Purchasing The City Bites Barcelona Boqueria Bites Card

    2.1 "The City Bites Barcelona Boqueria Bites Card" allows you to taste products sold at the Boqueria Market shops in an organized, orderly and user friendly way.

    2.2 The card includes 6-7 different kinds of tastings that appear on the card as particular coupons, which can be removed from the card, and which you should provide to the specific shop stated on the coupon, at the time of your arrival to the shop, in order to consummate the transaction.

    2.3 The benefits the card provides are to specific shops, the name and details of which you will find on the specific coupon. The card does not allow for benefits in shops that are not stated on it.

    2.4 Should you choose to purchase the card, the details of the transaction will be presented to you on the purchase page. These details include: the price of the tastings card, the list of tastings, the content of the tastings, as well as important details you should pay attention to while consummating the card. Please make sure to read all of the information on this page before making the purchase, and to make sure the actual execution of the transaction takes place only after you have read in full the information stated on the purchase page, and you have agreed to all the information.

    2.5 It is important to note that all of the amounts that appear on the purchase page include V.A.T, unless stated otherwise.

    2.6 While placing your order (heretofore and hereafter - the transaction) you will be required to type basic personal details such as your full name, an address, email address, phone number, credit card number, social security number, and further details, if these will be required in order to complete the transaction. In order for the transaction to be carried out quickly and without difficulties, please make sure to give the full and correct personal information, otherwise we would not be able to guarantee the completion of the transaction as required.

    2.7 At the time of your submission of the purchase form, the website will perform a validation of the credit card information with the relevant credit card company, following which validation you will receive the correlative notice that the transaction had been verified or denied.

    2.8 In case the transaction has been verified, the order will be recorded in the Website's computers. Also, you will receive an email confirmation that the transaction has been completed up to 24 hours from the time you have completed the purchase.

    2.9 The confirmation of the purchase given by the credit card company will substantiate a confirmation to its record in our system, and will validate the transaction. Should the operator of the transaction choose to change the details of the transaction, the billing, and/or cancel the transaction - these actions will be carried out according to the policy of the relevant credit card company. Should the credit card company bill the website for commission fees due to any of these actions, the operator of the transaction will be liable to pay these commission fees.

    2.10 In case the relevant credit card company has rejected the transaction, the operator of the transaction will receive the correlative notice.

    3. Collecting and receiving your Tastings Card

    3.1 The card will be collected from its distribution location near the Boqueria Market at our offices in Passatge de la Pau 10, entresuelo 2-A, 08002 Barcelona. In order for you to be able to collect and receive your card you must present an identification card, which you are to bring with you to the location. Should you experience difficulty in locating the office, the office phone number is: +34-651 534 996. The office opening hours are: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, at which time you can collect your card.

    4. The consummation of your Tasting Cards

    4.1 The consummation of your tasting cards can be carried out at the market's regular activity hours - starting at 9:00 until 20:30 (9 AM to 8:30 PM) from Monday-Saturday. The Boqueria Market is CLOSED to the public on Sundays. However, for accurate times of the individual bites of the City Bites Barcelona Boqueria Bites Card, please refer to the information you receive by email at the time of purchase.  The card or coupons are valid for 6 (six) months after purchasing, and according to the expiration date that has been given to your card, to exclude days in which the market is closed, holidays and holiday eve's, and subject to available space. The website will not be reliable for any attempt to consummate your card at a time not mentioned above. The website will not be reliable for closed shops or for shops unavailable for the consummation of your coupon, or to any attempt to consummate your card without previous coordination with the shop.

    4.2 The coupon will only be accepted in its original and complete form. Any copy, or xerox of the card; any writing/deletion on the card, or any such or other marking on the card, is substantial ground for its rejection by the business.

    4.3 In order to consummate the benefits of the card, you must arrive to any of the shops listed on the card, with the card. Please notice that in some of the tastings you will be asked to coordinate your arrival to the shop in advance, so that your tasting will be waiting for you at your arrival. This guideline is a recommendation meant to maximize your enjoyment and your time at the market.

    4.4 At the time of your purchase of the card you will also receive a "recommended market route" that states current and relevant notes and comments that might apply from time to time with regard to the suppliers of your tastings that appear at the back of the coupon. It is your responsibility to check the recommended market route, which is updated from time to time.

    4.5 Upon your arrival to the location of the tasting, you are to provide to the seller/ the shop keeper, or the shop owner, the relevant coupon. The shop owners will not accept a coupon that is not attached to the tastings card.

    4.6 The delivery of the coupon to the shop or stand will enable you to consummate the tasting. Please notice that in the purchase page appear specific details about every tasting included in your coupons, with an emphasis on the kind of the tasting, what it includes, information for people who are intolerant to different foods, etc. The information that appears alongside every tasting is the only information that the Website is responsible for at the time of the transaction consummation at the shop.

    4.7 Choosing the tastings route is according to your choice. At the time of your purchase you may print out the recommended route offered by the Website; however, you are free to choose your own route according to your personal preference.

    4.8 The Website is obligated to provide the purchaser of the tastings card with the tasting as it appears on the website, and has been mutually agreed upon by the Website and the shop owner. Some of the tastings rely upon the freshness of the food, or its availability at the tasting shop, and there may be differences in the description of the tasting on the website and the actual tasting at the shop, as a result of the aforementioned limitations. The Website is by no means responsible for the nature of the service, or for the food provided in the stands and shops that appear on the coupon.

    4.9 Should there be differences between the declared tasting and the actual tasting, stemming from aspects of the freshness of the food, the availability of the food at the shop and so forth, this matter will not be considered a just and rightful cause to cancel the purchase. The purchaser of the ticket is responsible to coordinate and to validate the existence of the specific tasting he is interested in, prior to his visit and to the consummation of the card.

    4.10 The selection of the tastings might change from provider to provider. It is recommended to check on the website, and on the attached form, "the recommended tastings route," the remarks and the comments about the tastings.

    4.11 Every addition of any kind to the tasting stated on the card, at shop or the stand, will be payed by you directly to the stand or the shop.

    5. Customer Service

    5.1 At the purchase page of the card you will find a list of common questions and answers, which we recommend that you read before purchasing and consummating the transaction with your card.

    5.2 In case you have further questions, you are welcome to approach the Website's customer service via this address: [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you, at the regular working hours.

    5.3 In case a problem arises during the actual consummation of the card at the Boqueria Market market, a customer service representative will be available to you at this number: +34-651 534 996, and s/he will be happy to assist you in solving any problem which may occur.

    5.4 In case of a concentrated purchase of 10 or more cards, we recommend that you contact the website, in order to book a paid-for tour at the Boqueria market. Also, it is possible to coordinate for a meal at a restaurant for groups, or other recommended activities according to the specific needs of the group.

    6. Other terms

    6.1 Every user is allowed to make a purchase, according to his following the accumulation of the below terms and regulations:

    6.1.1 The user is competent to perform bound legal actions according to their definition by law. If you are under the age of 18, or unable to perform legal actions without an authorization from a legal guardian, your use of the Website will be considered as though you have an authorization from a legal guardian.

    6.1.2 The user holds a valid identification card of the country where s/he is a national or legal resident, or a corporation incorporated and registered under the regulations of the country in question.

    6.1.3 The user is the owner of a valid Visa or other credit cards or bank cards of Spain or international credit card, issued in their country by one of the credit card companies.

    6.1.4 The user owns a valid email address online, and has a valid address in their country of residence.

    6.2 Without contradicting the terms above, the website is authorized to prevent the user from executing a purchase, in each of the following cases:

    6.2.1 The user has performed an illegal act.

    6.2.3 The user has intentionally delivered false information at the time of the purchase, or afterwards on phone.

    6.2.4 The user has performed an act that can be interpreted as an offensive act to the Website, and/or to any person related to the Website, and/or to the ongoing activity of the Website, and/or to any third party.

    6.2.5 The user intends to re-sell the product, or the service of the product to a third party, and/or to make any commercial use, and/or to trade the product in any way.

    7. Confidentiality

    7.1 To purchase the tastings card, you are requested to provide information  in order for the transaction to be carried out, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, and credit card number.

    7.2 The Website is obligated not to use this information in any way without your explicit consent, unless it is required by law, or in order to prevent fowl use. The Website will only allow access to this information to the specific and relevant workers that require this information in order to give you the relevant services for your purchase.

    7.3 The Website takes the customary precautions in order to keep the confidentiality of your information, as much as possible. Every transfer of a credit card number from the Website is encrypted, and done according to the required standards. However, in cases out of its control, and/or stemming from Force Majeure, the Website will not be responsible for any damage, of any kind - direct or indirect, caused to the client, or his representative, if this information is lost, or is ill-used.

    7.4 Please note that by purchasing the card you are also agreeing to become an addressee of the City Bites Barcelona Website's mailing list, which will, from time to time, send you updates, and information about events taking place at the Boqueria market. If you are not interested in receiving these emails, you can state it at the designated place in the emails you will receive.

    8. Cancellation and receiving a refund for the tastings card  

    8.1 All who purchase the tastings card through the Website are entitled to cancel the transaction according to the Consumer Protection Laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

    8.2 The main rules and regulations of canceling a transaction under the law of the Kingdom of Spain (the complete laws and regulations can be found under the Consumer Protection Law of the Kingdom of Spain, and they are the obligatory rules and regulations).

    8.2.1 In purchasing the card - the transaction may be cancelled from the day of the purchase and until 14 days hereafter, and will entail a billing of the deduction fees of the clearance commission charged by the credit card company. After 14 days from the day of the purchase it will be impossible to return the ticket and receive a refund.
    8.2.2 A cancellation of a transaction or a request to receive a refund for the card you have purchased will be carried out through an email request to City Bites Barcelona, to the following email address: [email protected] The refund will be carried out after returning the ticket, in its original form, and without any defect. A defected card, which is unusable will entail a deduction of its production costs in the amount of 0,80 cents EUR.

    8.2.3 If you have indicated at the time of your purchase that you wish to receive the card at home, you must return the card in return mail to the following address: Passatge de la Pau, 10, 08002 Barcelona, Spain . Only after the actual delivery of the ticket by the Website, the refund for the ticket will be carried out, according to all the other terms that appear in this article.

    8.2.4 It will be impossible to cancel, and/or return a tastings ticket after it has been collected at the distribution point at our offices at the address already mentioned.

    8.2.5 There will be no refund in case of non-consummation of the card, loss of the card, or a wearing of the card which makes it unrecognizable.

    8.2.6 The interpretation and the enforcement of the terms of use that appear on this page, and/or any action or conflict stemming from these terms of use, will be carried out in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain, and should it become necessary, will be sorted out in the authoritative courts of law, in Barcelona only.

    8.2.7 There will be no refunds/ change/ or extenuation of the validity of the card, in case of a partial use of it.

    8.2.8 Using the card, or the coupons on the card, you are giving your consent to the terms of use that appear on this page.