• From La Boqueria to Museu de la Xocolata: sixteen-minute walk


    • Exiting la Boqueria turn right and walk down on the left side of la Rambla.
    • Turn left onto Carrer Ferran.
    • Walk straight through Carrer Ferran, Placa St. Jaume, Carrer Jaume I and Placa de l'Angel.
    • Entering Carrer Princes a, walk about four hundred meters; then turn left onto Carrer Comerc.
    • Walk about 80 m and the Chocolate Museum will be on your left.

    While la Boqueria has its fair share of stalls offering and specializing in chocolate this museum takes this sweet art to a whole new level. Not necessarily regarding the quality of the products but the presentation.

    The exhibition offers a large variety of chocolate statues - from scenes of popular animated movies (such as Asterix the Gau l) to miniatures of the famous buildings of the city, it has it all. What more, it has tours and activities for young and old to gain deeper knowledge about chocolate and pretty much everything related to cocoa beans. It even has courses that teaches English through chocolate!

    Offering different educational guided tours to several age groups is not all: you will find here a large number of workshops  - Painting with chocolate and Fruit and chocolate for the youngest ones and Combining Brandies with chocolate for the adult crowd just to mention a few. It offers of course a chocolate tasting tour as well for those who are not satisfied just by looking at the mouth-watering statues.

    Details about visiting the site:

    • Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; on Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Admission: 5 Euros, 4 Euros for groups of more than 15 people
    • The price of different  activities and tours have different prices. The simple guided tour is 6.20 euros; the chocolate tasting is 8.80 euros

    Why worth visiting:

    • Chocolate history,  chocolate art.
    • More than a dozen activities for all ages
    • Learn about chocolate besides enjoying it

    This museum might not have the long historical traditions like most of the buildings in this quarter of the city but none the less it offers an interesting colour on the palette of Barcelona's venues. If you love chocolate (and well, who doesn't) then this place will amaze your taste buds, eyes and your sense of smell alike.